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PEI North Shore Attractions

Enjoy your summer vacation on the north shore of PEI, Canada!

  • #1 Island destination in North America, Travel+Leisure
  • Best Golf/Travel Destination in North America, Toronto Sun
  • "an overlooked gem...for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures in wide-open spaces",

Why has PEI received these accolades? Read on to find out...

(Or browse our Activities QuickLINKS for an instant glimpse of some of the many possibilities that will make your visit to the Island a memorable one).

Become part of an annual revitalization ritual

Prince Edward Island comes alive during the summer months. Shaking off the cold blanket of winter, the Island collectively greets the arrival of Spring with a newfound sense of life and purpose that builds to a crescendo during summer, when the Island is its most vibrant. Nature and culture are celebrated, with music, dance, theatre, arts, crafts, and fine dining competing for your attention with an endless array of outdoor activities on land and sea. Summer on PEI is carefree, and the Cavendish north shore area has long been the hub of summertime excitement, engrossing Islanders and visitors alike in an annual ritual of revitalization.

Our guests enjoy the grassed parkland and steps to the shoreline in front of cottage

Open spaces, pastoral seaside setting

It all begins with an appreciation of the spectacular natural setting. The shifting sands of the living dune environment extend for miles along the PEI north shore, providing shelter for endangered species such as the piping plover), a pristine environment for the study of unique geological formations and ecosystems, and miles upon miles of beaches for you to enjoy (find locations). Heritage roads cut through swaths of forest by the Island's early settlers provide glimpses through treed canopies of the rolling farmland and river vistas beyond.

But there are infinite ways to experience the Island. Whether it be hiking or cycling the well-known Confederation Trail that traverses the Island from tip to tip or some of the many smaller community trails (we recommend the nearby Breadalbane Nature Trail, which also provides a trailhead for the Confederation trail) or enjoying the spectacular views while teeing up on one of its teeing up on one of the nearby premier golf courses, trying your luck at deep sea fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (such as nearby Graham's at the Stanley Bridge wharf), enjoying a sumptuous lobster supper -- that quintissential pei summertime feast -- experiencing uplifting jazz or classical music resonating throughout one of the Island's most distinctive churches, or the down-home Maritime sounds of a ceilidh ("KAY-lee") shaking the rafters of a local Stanley Bridge community hall, there is plenty to captivate a spirit set free a thousand miles from home. There are a million things to do on this "million acre farm," so we know that you will not be left wanting. And before you leave, you will surely have found some insight into the "Island way of life."

View of lupins and Hope River Estuary

Seascape Chalet - tranquility in the heart of the PEI north shore

Fortunately, Seascape Chalet's ideal location allows guests to be as near to or as far from the action as you would like, so you really do have the best of all worlds. Located in the north shore fishing village of Stanley Bridge less than 5 minutes from PEI National Park beaches and all the attractions of Cavendish, Seascape Chalet allows guests to be in the thick of the action at a moment's notice. But the tranquil setting on a private peninsula jutting into picturesque New London Bay also provides you with the opportunity to beachcomb the peaceful shore, paddle a kayak up the Hope or Stanley Rivers or out to the dunes alongside the fishing boats embarking on their daily journey, or simply lay back and relax on the sundeck and against this scenic backdrop let all your cares drift away. Do it all or nothing -- after all, there's always next year...

Planning your Prince Edward Island vacation

Below we have provided an overview of some of the possibilities for a vacation on the north shore of PEI, focusing on the many activities within a 15 minute drive of Seascape Chalet that complement a romantic retreat, family vacation, or golf escape. But the possibilities are endless, so visit the Tourism PEI website for more comprehensive information on anything you will need in planning your vacation. There you will find information on things to do, events, and specialized itineraries. Visit the Green Gable's Shore (formerly Anne's Land) pages for information on the section of the PEI north shore directly surrounding Seascape Chalet.

In the meantime, below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the possibilities for recreation and fun in the Cavendish region of the north shore. Enjoy!

Activities and Events near Seascape Chalet
Water Land Dining Culture
Scenic Walks
Horseback Riding
Harness Racing
Scenic drives
Family Fun
Amusement Parks
Miniature Golf
Petting Zoo
family dining
dinner theatre
fine dining
Lobster Suppers
Cook your own
Anne of Green Gables
Arts & Crafts Shops
Pottery Studios
Community Festivals

Outdoor activities: Fun on the water

-- beachcomb tranquil New London Bay pebble/sand shoreline (on site)
-- romantic sunset stroll on beautifully scenic shore (on site)
-- kid-safe beach (on site)
-- sand dunes of PEI National Park and Cavendish beach (within view, 3 min. drive)
-- numerous free beaches along Rte. 20 on the north shore such as French River, Cousin's Shore and Thunder Cove beaches

-- 2 kayaks, pfds, paddles provided free for guest use (on site)
-- kayaks also available for rent at Inn at the Pier (1 min.)
-- sailing (mooring/slipway available at Stanley Bridge wharf (3 min.)

Motorized Activities

The Pier Marina (1 min.) has:
-- parasailing - with dry boat-takeoff and landing
-- jetskiing - tour New London Bay on a Seadoo!

-- Grahams Deep Sea Fishing, Stanley Bridge wharf (3 min.)
-- inland fishing. Secluded spots for catching brook trout are within 5-15 mins. (License required). See this angling map for nearby locations such as the Granville or Stanley rivers, Parson's Pond, Murphy's Pond and Gunn's Bridge.

Outdoor activities: Fun on the land

Scenic Walks
-- miles of dirt tracks ideal for daily walks or jogs (on site)
-- PEI National Park Trails provide a range of easy to moderate seaside and woodland trails in the Cavendish, Stanhope and Greenwich areas of the park. Those listed below are within 5 minutes of Seascape Chalet:

> Homestead Trail, PEI National Park, near Cavendish Campground
> Clark's Lane Trail at Cavendish Grove across from Avonlea Village
> Cavendish Beach Trail, Cavendish Grove to Cavendish Beach
> Balsam Hollow Trail at Green Gables, Cavendish
> Haunted Woods Trail, Green Gables, Cavendish
> Cavendish Dunelands Trail, Cavendish beach East, PEI Nat. Park

Hiking and Cycling

-- Community Trails provide scenic hikes varying in difficulty and in a variety of natural environments. Below are three nearby trails that you might enjoy (distances are to trailhead):

> Trout River Community Park and Trail, Millvale (5 min.)
A small community park with playset, picnic tables and short, easy trail along the scenic Trout River -- ideal for parents of young children.

> Devil's Punch Bowl & Princetown Rd. Trail, Granville (7 min.)
Another initiative of the Trout River Environmental Committee (TREC) to promote and preserve healthy watershed ecosystems. Devil's Punchbowl is a former provincial park with trails exploring the great diversity of plants and trees in the area.

> Breadalbane Nature Trail (15 min.)
One of 6 featured destination trails on PEI, 6.5 km, moderate with some steep sections and overlooking the Dunk River. See a review and map of the trail from

-- The Confederation Trail is the former railway that now a purpose-built hiking and cycling trail. This is one of the best opportunities to experience some of the Island's inland natural habitat from one tip to the other!

Nearest access points are:

- Breadalbane (15 min.)
- Hunter River (15 min.)
- Kensington (15 min.)

Heritage Roads
-- Some of the Island's oldest roads are only minutes away!

> Scenic Trout River road nearby provides one access point. (3 min.)
> Perry Road, Hazelgrove (off Trout River Rd., 10 min.)
> Princeton/ Wharburton, Fredericton (off Trout River Rd., 10 min.)
> Junction Road, Hartsville (15 min.)
> Millman Road, Irishtown (15 min.)

One of the best ways to explore PEI's "back country" is to throw the map away and just explore. It is virtually impossible to get lost, and before long, you will end up "somewhere." Allow plenty of time for stopping to photograph the scenery, or perhaps for trying to capture on camera that red fox that just poked its head out of the trees alongside the road!

Horseback Riding
-- Cavendish Trail Rides (3 min.)

Harness Racing

Horse lovers might also want to experience Islanders' love of harness racing. The season reaches its climax in Charlottetown with the prestigious Gold Cup and Saucer Race during Old Home Week in mid August, and earlier visitors can see harness racing during the mid-July Summerside Lobster Carnival, but a true understanding of the love of harness racing on PEI is perhaps best gained at the small tracks scattered around the Island.

-- Red Shore's Calendar of live harness racing

Scenic Drives
-- Some of the Island's oldest roads are only minutes away! Start from the scenic Trout River Rd. in Stanley Bridge, and you will find lots of dirt roads not mentioned below. Just explore, and see where you end up!

> With dirt track and treed canopies overlooking scenic vistas are Perry Road in Hazelgrove and Princeton/Wharburton Road in Fredericton (about 10 min.).

> The Junction Road in Hartsville (15 min.) and Millman Road in Irishtown (15 min.) are also nearby.

> For a longer excursion, the central location of the Cavendish region allows one to venture either “up west” to experience the Acadian culture of the Evangeline region and native Mi'kmaq culture on Lennox island, or “down east” via the Points East coastal drive to some of the oldest small towns on PEI. Either tip of the island can be reached within a 90 minutes to 2 hours, making either of these scenic drives easily accommodated into your itinerary as a day trip.

Family Attractions

Amusement Parks
-- Sandspit (3 min.)
-- Shining Waters Family Waterpark (3 min.)
-- More Maritime Fun Properties (5 min.)
-- Green Gables (5 min.)

Miniature Golf
-- River of Adventure, at Sandspit, Cavendish (3 min.)
-- Black Magic Indoor Blacklight Mini Golf, Cavendish (3 min.)

Other Family Activities
-- large open space for softball, kite flying, exercising pets (on site)
-- outdoor swing set, selection of family games available (on site)
-- beachcombing the shoreline (on site)
-- oyster aquaculture (on site)
-- bird watching (National Park, 3 min.)
-- The Hangar Laser Tag (3 min.)
-- Mariner's Cove Mining Company (3 min.)
-- Grandpa’s antique photo studio (4 min.)
-- Ripley’s Believe it or not, Mariner's Cove (4 min.)
-- Wax World of the Stars, Mariner's Cove (4 min.)
-- Other Mariner's Cove Attractions (4 min.)
-- bicycle and kayak rental (10 min.)

Food and Dining)

Casual/Cafe-style Dining:

-- Carr's Oyster Bar (Stanley Bridge, 3 min.)
-- Sou'West Bar and Grill (New London wharf, 6 min.)
-- Blue Winds Tea Room (Clinton, 9 min.)
-- Cafe on the Clyde at PEI Preserve Co. (New Glasgow, 10 min.)

Family Dining:

Restaurants come and go, but here are some long-time favourites:
-- Captain Scott's Fish n Chips (Cavendish Boardwalk, 3 min.)
-- Pizza Delight (Cavendish Boardwalk, 3 min.)
-- Chez Yvonne (Cavendish, 4 min.)

Fine Dining:

Want to celebrate an anniversary or other extra-special occasion? Thanks to the PEI Culinary Institute, the Island is quickly gaining a reputation for fine dining that combines fresh local produce and seafood with culinary artistry to create inspired dishes that make for an unforgettable dining experience when enjoyed against the backdrop of an evocative Island vista.

Try one of these fine restaurants on the PEI north shore
(reservations recommended):

-- The Table Culinary Studio (New London, 6 min.)
-- The Mill (New Glasgow, 10 min.)
-- Dalvay-by-the-Sea (Grand Tracadie, 30 min.)
  • Read Beckoned by Bivalves
    Review of PEI shellfish by Frank Bruni,
    New York Times Food Issue, Nov. 18, 2007
Lobster Suppers – The quintessential PEI summer feast:
-- New Glasgow Lobster Suppers (10 min.) - the original
-- Fisherman’s Wharf, North Rustico (10 min.) - 60 foot salad bar

Interested in how it all began? Learn how a small group of junior farmers created the most famous seafood meal on PEI. Read a short history and slideshow of the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.

Cook your own seafood dinner: -- Gallant's Wharfside Market at Stanley Bridge wharf (3 min.) sells live and cooked lobster, quahogs, mussels, oysters, steamer clams and more
-- Basin View Seafood Cavendish (5 min.)
-- Prince Edward Aqua Farms New London (8 min.)
-- Cavendish Tourist Mart for convenience items (5 min.)
-- North Rustico Food Market Co-op, North Rustico (12 min.)
-- Gallant's Clover Farm, South Rustico (15 min.)
-- Kensington Independent Grocer (16 min.)

Cultural events, festivals, and attractions

-- Ceilidhs, musical parties held in communities throughout the island, including most nights at Stanley Bridge Hall (2 min.)
-- Ross family ceilidh Clinton (8 min.)
-- Indian River Festival (20 min.)
-- College of Piping bagpipe performances, Summerside (30 min.)

-- Watermark Theatre, North Rustico (12 min.)
-- Victoria Playhouse, Victoria-by-the-Sea (20 min.)
-- Harbourfront Theatre, Summerside (25 min.)
-- Confederation Centre, Charlottetown (30 min.)
-- The Guild, Charlottetown (30 min.)

Anne of Green Gables (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

-- Green Gables house (5 min.)
-- Site of LM Montgomery's Cavendish Homestead (5 min.)
-- LM Montgomery gravesite, Cavendish corner (5 min.)
-- Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silverbush, Park Corner (20 min.)

More Anne Activities:

Antiques, Craft Shops & Art Galleries
-- Stanley Bridge Studios (4 min.)
-- Art Gallery of Tony Diodati (15 min.)

Pottery studios
-- Trout River Pottery, Stanley Bridge (7 min.)
-- Village Pottery, New London (8 min.)

-- Green Gables House (5 min.)
-- Carr's Wildlife Museum, Stanley Bridge (5 min.)

Community Festivals
-- Lobster Carnival, Summerside (mid-July, 30 min.)
-- Old Home Week, Charlottetown (mid-August, 30 min.)
-- Stanley Bridge River Days Eco-festival (late August, 3 min.)
-- Kensington Harvest Festival - traditional small-town festival with parade and beauty pageant(late August, 15 min.)
-- Crapaud Exhibition – tractor pull and livestock (late July, 20 min.)

There are community events and festivals held throughout the year, from lobster carnivals to lavendar festivals to international oyster shucking contests. Check the following sources for more information:

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View of New London Bay and sand dunes